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Operation and application of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-04

In today's increasingly developed field of water treatment, uf membrane module has long been known to us. With the development of the water treatment industry, uf membrane filtration has become an excellent technology in ultrafiltration technology, and it is also a widely used technology. Uf membrane module can be used for the purification of crude salt, the separation and concentration of aqueous solutions, and the acquisition of effective chemicals from sewage, the high technology of sewage purification and reuse industries.

hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

1. The actual operation of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane.

Since the membrane flux of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane in the operation process far exceeds the entire process of reverse osmosis, its concentration polarization is more significant, so it is easy to produce a suspicious glue layer on the membrane surface. The membrane flux does not increase with the increase of the pressure difference, this permeation is called the critical value permeation flux. For an aqueous solution of a certain concentration value, after the pressure difference reaches a certain value, the permeation flux reaches the critical point. Therefore, the operation process should be carried out around the permeation flux close to the critical value. At this time, the pressure difference is generally 0.4-0.6 MPa. Too much burden is not only unprofitable, but also harmful.

The actual operation of uf membrane filtration is generally cross-flow, that is, the fluidity of the material liquid on the surface parallel to the membrane surface. The flow rate of the material liquid impairs the thickness of the adhesion surface of the film surface. Increasing the flow velocity on the membrane surface is beneficial to reduce the harm of concentration polarization and increase the excessive flux, which is the same as the principle of the entire reverse osmosis process.

2. Application of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is widely used in particle resin adsorption, including the removal of bacteria, virus infections, pyrogens and other dirt, food industry, electronics industry, water treatment technology, pharmaceuticals, chemical plants and other industries, and is in a rapid development trend.

With the continuous development and design of the raw materials of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, the high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, and washing resistance of the membrane have been greatly improved. Ultrafiltration technology will be widely used in petrochemical equipment, chemical industry and a large number of industries.

uf membrane filtration

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