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Requirement of uf membrane module for influent water quality

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-07


    my country's water treatment equipment technology is getting better and better, and the characteristics of uf membrane filtration continue to improve, and there is a lot of room for development. Almost all areas are inseparable from water treatment. Uf membrane module will automatically separate pollutants, bacteria, residual suspended solids and extracts from the raw water, all of which involve water problems.

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    1. Temperature
    Uf membrane module has a great relationship with the inlet water temperature, because the water absorption performance of uf membrane module is 25°C. When the temperature rises, the water absorption also increases. If the temperature is too high, the performance of the membrane will be affected. Therefore, when the temperature is too high, effective measures should be taken to lower the temperature.
    2. PH value
    Uf membrane module is divided into materials with different pH values, PAN or PVDF materials, with a pH of about 2-12, and cellulose ester materials with a pH of about 4-6.
    3. Remove microorganisms

    Add NaC10.03 oxide to the water: 1~5mg/1 concentration value. Since the raw water contains bacteria, the addition of 03 oxide can remove some of the remaining microbial bacteria in the membrane system. If it is not resolved, bacterial growth will increase, which will cause the pores of the ultrafiltration membrane to be clogged, and in severe cases, the hollow chemical fiber will be blocked. Therefore, we must pay attention to the removal of pathogens in the raw water.

    4. Turbidity
    When suspended solids, microbial strains, etc. in raw water are mixed with other dirt, it will cause water turbidity, which some people call turbidity. This turbidity is usually set below 5 degrees.
    5. Suspended matter and colloid

    Although uf membrane module has a practical effect on the removal of suspended solids and colloids. However, some colloids with positive charges have an adverse effect on hollow fiber uf membrane. Flocculant is a high-molecular polymer, which can generate hydrogen bonds to improve colloids, but it cannot be completely removed. Through professional experiments, it is found that several methods have the best effect when mixed together. When the flocculant is added, the pH regulator bleaching powder, lime, sodium carbonate, oxidant chlorine, etc. can be added at the same time to effectively improve the coagulation effect.

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