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Causes and solutions of industrial ro membrane failure

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-07

With the development trend of social development and the continuous improvement of water bodies, people's quality of life has also been improved, and the regulations on water bodies have also been further improved, and industrial ro membrane has gradually received high attention. But all products will have some minor problems after using for a period of time, and in serious cases will lead to common failures.

reverse osmosis system

1. Reasons for failure of industrial ro membrane

(1). Inorganic salt scale
During the operation of reverse osmosis system, it can be seen that the inorganic salt exceeds the solubility. If the solution is improper, it may accumulate in industrial ro membrane, and it will become clogged after a long time.
(2). Water hazard desalination rate decreased
Reducing the water production rate and the salt rejection rate are common failures of industrial ro membrane. If the pressure difference is too high, the salt rejection rate will decrease rapidly. If the pressure difference rises, it is usually caused by various conditions such as dirt entering the membrane channel, environmental pollution of microorganisms, and damage to the concentrated water pipeline.
(3). Temperature
Water conductivity is too sensitive to changes in inlet water temperature. When the inlet water temperature increases by 1°C, the water production rate will increase by 2.5%-3.0%; (the specification is 25°C)
(4). PH value
The PH value of the influent water is harmless to the water production rate, but it is very harmful to the desalination rate. When the salt rejection rate is maximum, the PH value is about 7.5-8.5.
(5). Clean the reverse osmosis membrane.

The long-term operation of reverse osmosis system will gradually produce stains, and the water production volume of bacteria, iron, aluminum, and accumulated dirt will decrease, indicating that it must be cleaned.

2.The fault detection method of industrial ro membrane

For different stains, choose different cleaning methods. Unreasonable cleaning can also cause damage to reverse osmosis element membrane. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer for the first cleaning or to distinguish the type of contamination and clean purposefully.

Prepare to shut down in advance, stop adding organic chemicals, gradually reduce the working pressure to about 3 bar, and wash for 10 minutes until the extract water TDS is close to the source water TDS.

industrial ro membrane

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