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Prevention and treatment of microbial contamination of ro system membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-07

Ro system membrane will more or less produce membrane fouling during operation, and the microorganisms are unique and will hinder the normal operation of ro membrane filter. Next, let's take a look at how to avoid microbial contamination.

ro system membrane

1. Analyze the causes of microbial contamination of ro system membrane

According to investigation and analysis, the reuse of surface water and wastewater is polluted by residues in the water, a large number of organic compounds and microbial components, as well as microorganisms formed in ro membrane filter, and the pollution damage is high. Avoiding microbial pollution treatment is important to avoid microbial pollution. way.

Microorganisms grow rapidly. Once the bacterial community occurs on the surface of the membrane, a mucous membrane will be produced quickly, which may lead to an increase in channel working pressure, pressure difference and water production rate.

reverse osmosis system

2. Methods to avoid microbial contamination of ro system membrane

(1). Before microbial contamination occurs, sterilization and chemical water treatment should be carried out immediately to avoid the growth and development of microorganisms. In order to avoid microbial resistance, the types of fungicides and sterilization methods must be changed in time.

(2). Reduce degradable organic compounds and sterilization. Basic sterilization methods include chlorination or hypochlorite, ozone, ultraviolet light, etc. Reverse osmosis system can also be shock sterilized by using a non-oxidizing bactericide such as DBNPA or isothiazolinone.

(3). Tests show that ultrafiltration can effectively remove colloidal solutions and suspended solids in water, and the effluent SDI value UI is generally below 2. The sterilization solution can effectively prevent microbial contamination of reverse osmosis system.

According to the above method, it is possible to prevent microbial contamination at ordinary times. As long as more attention is paid to cleaning, the service life of the membrane can be increased, the actual effect of the membrane can be improved reasonably, and the effluent water body of ro system membrane can be qualified.

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