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Failure analysis method of reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-07

After reverse osmosis element membrane in best ro membrane filter runs normally for a period of time, the membrane performance is likely to decline, resulting in a decline in the water body, resulting in failure to operate normally, regardless of the characteristics of environmental pollutants, and pollution is slowly developing. If certain effective measures are not taken as soon as possible, the performance of the membrane components will be damaged in a relatively short time.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. Failure analysis method of reverse osmosis element membrane

(1). There must be a habit of recording information about the operation of reverse osmosis element membrane in daily life, and the system must further grasp the operating standards and conditions to ensure whether there are abnormalities.
(2). Record information about system performance degradation or partial performance degradation. If the part is reduced, it can be removed to check the problematic reverse osmosis element membrane and its sealing ring.
(3). Investigation and analysis of the source water situation.

(4). Perform segmentation inspection or cleaning inspection on ro membrane element.

ro membrane element

2. Common pollutants in reverse osmosis element membrane

①. Calcium carbonate scale.
If the scale inhibitor addition system fails or the addition of the acid system causes the pH of the seepage water to increase, calcium carbonate is likely to accumulate. If calcium carbonate deposits are found, they should be treated immediately to prevent crystals from growing on the surface of the film.
For calcium carbonate scale that has a long deposition time, it should be cleaned with sodium citrate cleaning solution or soaked overnight.
②. Silica scale.
Silica scale is a symbiosis of organic compounds. It can only be removed by technical and professional water treatment and cleaning methods. For details, please contact Huamo Water Treatment Company.
③. Organic sediments.
A cleaning solution can be used to remove some microbial species or Aspergillus flavus, etc., to avoid re-growth and development, and long-term circulation and soaking in the operating system can achieve the actual effect. When the machinery and equipment are not used for three days, it is best to use disinfection and sterilization.
④. Cleaning fluid

When cleaning ro membrane element, the pollutants are determined and analyzed, and then the best cleaning agent and cleaning method are used according to the results. The cleaning method and actual effect should be recorded every time, in order to better ensure the water supply standard, find a more suitable cleaning method basis.

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