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Analysis of the Reasons for the Decline of the Acidity and Alkalinity of the Effluent Water from reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-10

With the gradual advancement of water treatment technology in my country, the application of reverse osmosis element membrane is becoming more and more common. It is a key component of osmosis membrane filter. However, during the entire application process, reverse osmosis element membrane will find that the pH of the effluent will decrease, and customers will worry that the safety of the water will be lost.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. Reasons for the decrease in pH of the effluent of reverse osmosis element membrane

Since reverse osmosis membrane cartridge absorbs water, when water and CO2 vapor are both preferred, a large amount of carbonate and bicarbonate will be left in the water as the water becomes soft. When the pH value is lower than 7, they will be stored in the form of CO2 in the water. If the water contains CO2, the pH value of the RO membrane element will always decrease. For most RO system software, the pH value will be Decrease 1~2.

The pH of the reverse osmosis water has always been lower than the pH of the reverse osmosis water, which is related to the pH of the source water (ie bicarbonate). The bicarbonate in reverse osmosis concentrated water is concentrated 3-4 times, mostly in a saturated state. According to the equilibrium curve of bicarbonate, sulfide and CO2 with pH changes, the CO2 concentration value increases. Since reverse osmosis cannot intercept steam, the CO2 concentration value of cold water and concentrated water is basically the same, and the CO2 concentration value is also higher, so the pH value of the off-edge water decreases.

2.The role of reverse osmosis element membrane

Reverse osmosis can remove ionic chemical substances, but cannot use resin to absorb steam, and there is a stable balance between CO2, bicarbonate, and carbonate in the water. When the bicarbonate and carbonate are removed, CO2 merges with water and transforms It is bicarbonate and hydrogen radicals, which will cause the pH to drop.

The above is the analysis of the reasons why the pH of the effluent of reverse osmosis element membrane has decreased. If there are other problems during the application process, you can contact the customer service to solve them.

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