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Back pressure of reverse osmosis element membrane and its prevention

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-10

As we all know, during the operation of reverse osmosis system, there are often problems such as a sudden increase in conductivity and insufficient water production. After inspection or cleaning, or its characteristics cannot be repaired, many customers will immediately request the manufacturer to return the product. After testing, it was found that the component characteristics were caused by the back pressure of the reverse osmosis membrane equipment.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. Back pressure of reverse osmosis element membrane

In the ro system membrane water treatment industry, back pressure refers to the state where the pressure on the product water side exceeds the pressure on the feed water side. Ro system membrane is similar to a long envelope-like membrane bag, with the open side glued to the product water center pipe with holes. Pour several film bags into the water center pipe of the same product so that the feed water flows through both sides of the film. Under the water supply pressure, the talking water enters the membrane bag according to the membrane, and then is injected into the product water central pipe. At the same time, in order to prevent product water from flowing in the film bag, a layer of textile support points for product water drainage is sewn into the film bag. In order to better make the feed water evenly pass through the surface of the membrane bag and vibrate the feed water flow, the water supply safety channel between the membrane bag and the membrane bag is sandwiched with a mesh layer. The three sides of the film bag are glued together with an adhesive. If the pressure on the product water side exceeds the pressure on the feed water side, this bonding line will crack, resulting in a significant decrease in the salt removal rate of reverse osmosis element membrane.

2. Back pressure prevention of reverse osmosis element membrane

Therefore, during all normal operation of reverse osmosis element membrane, the pressure on the side of reverse osmosis element membrane is much higher than the water production side, and the back pressure is also very low during the normal operation. Back pressure should be formed under abnormal operation or shutdown conditions, in other words, it may be a design error or an operating error.

Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to the above matters when using it.

ro system membrane

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