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Precautions for daily operation of reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-13

1. Operation of reverse osmosis element membrane

The residual steam in reverse osmosis element membrane runs under high voltage, and the generation of air hammer will destroy ro membrane cartridge.
a. After the equipment is discharged, when it is operated again, the steam will quickly change pressure without being discharged. After the remaining gas is discharged under the working pressure of 2~4bar, the pressure must be gradually changed.

b. The interface between the pretreatment equipment and the high-pressure pump is poorly sealed or sees water during immersion. If the pretreatment water supply is not large, if the microfiltration is blocked, the vacuum pump will inhale some gas in the place with poor sealing performance. The microfiltration device should be flushed or replaced to ensure that the pipeline does not leak. In short, when there are no small bubbles in the steam flow meter, the pressure should be gradually changed. When bubbles are found during operation, the blood pressure should be gradually reduced.

reverse osmosis element membrane

2. The closing method of reverse osmosis element membrane is wrong

a. Turn off the equipment and quickly reduce the pressure and it is not completely cleaned. Since the carbonate content on the concentrated water side of ro membrane cartridge is higher than that of the source water, it is easy to foul and damage the membrane.

b. Wash with pre-treated water with medicated chemicals. Water containing chemicals may cause membrane environmental pollution during the shutdown of the equipment. When preparing to shut down the equipment in advance, you must stop the dosing of chemicals, gradually reduce the pressure to about 3 bar, and wash with pretreated water for 10 minutes, until the TDS of the concentrated water is close to the TDS of the source water.

3. Improper disinfection and maintenance of reverse osmosis element membrane, causing environmental pollution of microbial strains

This is also a common defect in the application of composite polyamide membranes. Due to the poor permanganate resistance index of composite polyamide membranes, there is no appropriate disinfectant such as tap water disinfection in the application. In addition, customers do not pay enough attention to biological prevention, which can easily cause environmental pollution of microbial strains. At present, the microbial strains of purified water produced by many manufacturers exceed the standard, which is caused by inadequate disinfection and maintenance.

ro membrane cartridge

4. The permanganate index of reverse osmosis element membrane cannot be detected

For example, the pump for administering NaHSO3 is invalid or the syrup is invalid, or the permanganate index is easy to damage membrane for ro water purifier when the activated carbon is saturated.

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