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Reverse osmosis element membrane pollution treatment and cleaning method

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-13

1. Pollution solution of reverse osmosis element membrane

(1). Complete preprocessing.
For each set of reverse osmosis element membrane, everyone hopes that it can exert its effect to the utmost extent, hope to have the largest salt removal rate, greater water permeability, and the longest possible service life. To achieve the above three points, power supply water quality Especially important, so the source water must have a good pretreatment. For the long-term safe operation of osmosis membrane filter, effective pretreatment is very important. With the pretreatment that meets the RO reverse osmosis water quality requirements, the stability of the produced water can be guaranteed; the salt removal rate remains at a certain value for a long time; the water utilization rate of the commodity can be unchanged; the operating cost can be minimized; The service life of ro membrane element is longer and so on.
(2). Clean the membrane.
Although the material liquid has undergone various pretreatment measures, the surface of ro membrane element is still very likely to cause accumulation and fouling after long-term use, which will block the membrane pores and reduce the water production. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the contaminated membrane in time. However, the RO reverse osmosis membrane system software cannot be cleaned before the pollution is serious, which can increase the difficulty of cleaning and increase the cleaning process and cleaning time. The cleaning opportunity should be grasped correctly and the stains should be removed in time.
(3). Cleaning principle:
Grasp the characteristics of local water quality, analyze the chemical composition of pollutants, select the best cleaning agent and cleaning method based on the result analysis, and provide a basis for finding the best method for special water supply and drainage standards;
(4). Cleaning standards:
A. The volume of commercial water is reduced by 5%-10% compared to normal conditions.
B. In order to correct the water volume of the commodity, the working pressure of the power supply after adjusting the temperature has increased by 10%-15%.
C. Water conductivity (increased salinity) increased by 5%-10%.

D. Two RO system software, according to different paragraphs, the loss increases significantly.

reverse osmosis element membrane

2. Cleaning method of reverse osmosis element membrane

First carry out system software backflush; then carry out negative pressure cleaning; if necessary, carry out mechanical equipment cleaning; then carry out organic chemical cleaning; there is standard ultrasonic cleaning; online electrostatic field cleaning is a very good method, so the price is more expensive; because The actual effect of organic chemical cleaning is better, and some other methods are not easy to complete. Although the names and operation methods of the drugs given by the distributors are different, the basic principles are basically the same. For example, our company now uses membrane cleaning agents MC2 and MA10.
The cleaning process of reverse osmosis element membrane is as follows:
(1) Equipped with cleaning fluid;
(2) Input low total flow cleaning fluid;
(3) Circulatory system;
(4) Soaking;
(5) High total flow water pump circulation system;
(6) Cleaning;

(7) Restart the system.

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