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Occurrence and avoidance of high pressure difference in reverse osmosis element membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-13

All parts of the country are actively resuming work and production, and the stable operation of machinery and equipment is the guarantee of manufacturing. However, the high pressure difference in reverse osmosis element membrane is deeply troublesome.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. The harm of high pressure difference of reverse osmosis element membrane

If reverse osmosis element membrane is operated under high pressure differential conditions for a long time, it is very likely that filter ro membrane will be broken into the drainage network, resulting in a telescope state. When the reverse osmosis membrane 3 is fractured, filter ro membrane will eventually be desalted. The rate drops.

2. The occurrence of high pressure difference of reverse osmosis element membrane and how to avoid it

(1). Clogging of particles.
Large particles of chemical substances enter the membrane system, causing the membrane pores and the water inlet pipe to be blocked. The removal of the membrane pores and cleaning the membrane elements can be carried out according to the disassembled high-pressure vessel end plate. At the same time, the substance filtering device and the reverse osmosis device can be checked.
(2). Scaling.
Scaling generally causes the loss of reverse osmosis element membrane to increase. When fouling occurs, chemical water treatment can be carried out immediately, or by adding a reverse osmosis scale inhibitor to adjust the pH of the influent water and the utilization rate of the system to alleviate the fouling of the membrane elements.
(3). Environmental pollution of microbial strains.
Microbial strains form a biofilm system on the surface of the membrane water inlet channel, which leads to an increase in the pressure difference of the membrane system. It can be repaired according to chemical water treatment. At the same time, the detection of influent microbial strains is improved, and pesticides are added to reduce the microbial strains Environmental pollution risk.
(4). Environmental pollution of colloidal solution.
Common environmental pollution of colloidal solutions includes corrosion products of silicon and iron and coagulants added in pretreatment, which can be prevented according to perfect pretreatment methods, such as lifting material filtration devices, ultrafiltration membranes, and microfiltration.
(5). The total flow of the inlet water is too large.

If the total flow of water in the membrane system is too large, it will also cause the pressure difference to rise. You can adjust the high-pressure pump variable frequency governor and the water inlet regulating valve to control the total flow of water to reduce the pressure difference.

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