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Application of reverse osmosis element membrane in environmental engineering

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-13

1. Application of reverse osmosis element membrane in seawater desalination equipment.

Reverse osmosis element membrane has been used for decades in the seawater desalination equipment industry and is currently the seawater desalination equipment technology with the highest utilization rate, the lowest cost, and the highest cleaning efficiency. It has become one of the most competitive seawater desalination equipment products on the market, with a sea surface desalination rate of 99.5% and a heat recovery efficiency of over 90%. First, use the centrifugal pump from the sea surface to input the sea surface into the system to complete the pretreatment of the sea surface solid floating solids to meet the treatment requirements of reverse osmosis membrane filter. The following uses the sea surface high-pressure pump to desalinate the sea surface after the pressure is changed, and then the obtained water is acidified , Corrosion resistance and disinfection and sterilization solutions, and finally connected to the municipal pipe network. During the operation, the amount and concentration of the substance can be separated from the water without changing, so as to prevent the structure of the reaction vessel and the amount and concentration of the substance itself from being damaged during the entire heating process.

reverse osmosis element membrane

2. Application of reverse osmosis element membrane in industrial wastewater treatment.

Solving industrial wastewater is the most extensive application of ro purifier membrane in environmental protection projects. In the production process of textile printing and dyeing field, a large amount of industrial waste water will be produced. This kind of industrial wastewater has high alkalinity and contains a large amount of organic salts and inorganic compound pollutants. The traditional sewage treatment method cannot bear such a high cost, and reverse osmosis membrane filter can filter the substances and carbonate positive ions in the wastewater treatment well.

3. The application of reverse osmosis element membrane in daily wastewater treatment.

Mainly used in daily sewage treatment containing soluble carbonate and organic pollutants, before RO reverse osmosis treatment, ultrafiltration membrane or microfiltration technology must be used to adjust the suspended solids in the wastewater. In fact, the main problem of ro purifier membrane in the treatment of urban domestic sewage comes from the diversity of urban domestic sewage components, many of which are unpredictable environmental pollution components, so it is impossible to formulate a scientific and reasonable solution.

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