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How to replace the filter with reverse osmosis element membrane?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-14


    As we all know, reverse osmosis element membrane is an important part of reverse osmosis membrane filter. If improperly used, it can directly harm the water body. After the water treatment and purification equipment is used for a period of time, the interior may be contaminated, which will cause the reverse osmosis membrane to be polluted and cause production. When problems such as water reduction occur, new membranes need to be replaced to ensure the quality of the water produced, so how to replace reverse osmosis element membrane?

    reverse osmosis element membrane

    1. Close the electroplating process ball valve and wait for about 10 minutes.
    2. Use a special tool to unscrew the nut joint on the right side of stainless water filter housing and pull out the water pipe.
    3. Facing the machine, hold stainless water filter housing with your right hand and turn the tail cover with your left hand. (If the post activated carbon filter element on the reverse osmosis membrane tube hinders the actual operation of this process, it can be moved slightly or pulled out completely. If it is pulled out completely, the additional pipe needs to be removed.)
    4. Close the ball valve of the pressure tank, unscrew the nut joint by hand or a special tool, and introduce the water pipe into the empty barrel or clean the stainless steel water tank.
    5. Hold the reverse osmosis membrane tube with your right hand, then clamp the old reverse osmosis element membrane with tweezers, and pull out the membrane shell forcefully.
    6. Open the new reverse osmosis element membrane and remove it.

    7. Insert the newly opened reverse osmosis element membrane into the reverse osmosis membrane tube until one end of the two gray-black small O-rings reaches the bottom of the membrane shell.

    8. Turn the membrane cover in the same posture, and tighten the membrane cover.
    9. If necessary, tighten it clockwise and adjust the connector to deflect it toward the device.
    10. Insert the water pipe and tighten the connector nut.
    11. Open the electroplating ball valve.

    12. Let reverse osmosis membrane filter run for more than two hours to allow the system to enter all normal water production conditions, then connect the water pipe to the pressure tank ball valve, and open the pressure tank ball valve.

    reverse osmosis membrane filter

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