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How to deal with the concentration polarization of reverse osmosis element membrane?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-17

Reverse osmosis system is an indispensable key step for best ro membrane filter. However, reverse osmosis system also has a hidden danger, that is, the surface of reverse osmosis element membrane is easily polarized by the concentration of substances or other intercepting components, which affects the effluent. Water quality. In addition to considering the technology of the reverse osmosis membrane 3, improvement measures must be taken in the operation of the equipment.

reverse osmosis element membrane

1. Increase the flow rate method

First, we can try to increase the linear velocity of the liquid passing through the surface of reverse osmosis element membrane, reduce the liquid retention time, improve the efficiency of the liquid in the system equipment, reduce the absorption time of the substance concentration, and the flow rate expands the substance concentration, making it difficult to absorb.

2. Filler method

For example, put 29-100um balls into the treated liquid and let them flow through the reverse osmosis system together to reduce the thickness of the border layer of reverse osmosis element membrane and increase the permeation rate. The material of the ball can be made of glass or methyl methacrylate. In addition, for tubular reverse osmosis systems, small sponge balls can also be added to the feed liquid. However, for the plate and frame type and spiral wound type membrane modules, the filling method is not suitable, mainly because of the risk of blocking the flow channel.

3. Single pulse method

Add a pulse generator installation in the steps of the water treatment equipment, and the pulse amplitude and frequency are different. Generally, the greater the amplitude or the higher the operating frequency, the greater the flow rate. The stirrer is commonly used in all test installations, and the experience indicates that the mass transfer coefficient is in a linear relationship with the number of revolutions of the stirrer.

4. Install turbulence booster

Turbulence promoters refer to various obstacles that can enhance the flow. For example, for tubular components, spiral partitions are provided inside. For the reverse osmosis membrane 1, a grid or the like can be lined to promote turbulence, and this kind of turbulence promoter has a good effect.

5. Add dispersion scale inhibitor

To prevent the scale of reverse osmosis element membrane in the water treatment equipment, hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid is added to adjust the pH value. However, due to the corrosion and leakage of the acid system, operators generally add dispersed reverse osmosis scale inhibitors to maintain the normal operation of the water treatment system.

reverse osmosis system

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