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Reverse osmosis membrane offline cleaning method and steps

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-18


    1) First, replace reverse osmosis ro membrane with a spare reverse osmosis ro membrane on osmosis membrane filter to ensure that reverse osmosis system does not stop running and to ensure the continuous stability of all processes.

    reverse osmosis ro membrane

    2) Functional test of reverse osmosis ro membrane
    Detect various performance parameters of each reverse osmosis ro membrane, including: salt removal rate, water production rate, pressure difference, net weight, etc., and make a record before testing.
    Desalination rate, water production rate and pressure difference testing standards: meet the standards brought by different manufacturers.
    3) Reverse osmosis system cleaning to understand the current operation situation;
    4) Collect the main parameter index values of osmosis membrane filter and make a preliminary record;

    5) Identify the cleaning steps based on the customer's full analysis report of raw water, functional test results and system information;

    6) Judgment of pollutants. First, make basic judgments based on the research results of the previous step, and then use unique mechanical equipment and methods as further research to confirm the types of detailed pollutants.
    7) When the contaminants on reverse osmosis ro membrane are confirmed, we can choose a series of product cleaning formulas brought by the manufacturer, choose one or two more suitable formulas; or choose a unique formula. At present, there are many special medicines for the cleaning of reverse osmosis ro membrane to choose from, and the actual application effect is good.
    8) Put the above-mentioned cleaning agent on the special reverse osmosis cleaning equipment for cleaning, suspend the test cleaning, and select a reasonable cleaning formula and cleaning procedure;
    9) The cleaned membrane elements enter the test platform for testing and make a record. Membrane elements that do not meet the requirements will be sent to the cleaning machine and cleaned again until the cleaning is qualified;

    10) Organize relevant cleaning statistics and write a summary of the cleaning report.

    reverse osmosis system

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