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Understand the composition of ro membrane element and the advantages of segmented flushing

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-20

Introduction: In recent years, with the development trend of sewage treatment technology, ro membrane element has been widely used on ro membrane filter, and everyone has agreed. Ro membrane element has the advantages of uniform water flow, high environmental pollution, low replacement costs, simple external pipelines, and convenient cleaning and maintenance. It can also reasonably remove the residues of dissolved salts, colloidal solutions, pathogenic microorganisms in the water.

ro membrane element

1. Composition of ro membrane element.

Ro membrane element is generally a composite structure, generally composed of three layers
(1). Polyester material reinforced non-woven fabric.
The key structural compressive strength of the composite membrane is provided by the non-woven fabric, with a thickness of about 120μm, with a hard, smooth surface without loose chemical fibers.
(2). Porous intermediate support layer of polyether material.
The reason for the design of the porous intermediate support layer is that if the ultra-thin separation layer is immediately compounded on the non-woven fabric, the surface is too irregular and the pores are too large, so a layer of high-permeability micropores must be pre-sized on the non-woven fabric The board polysulfone is used as the supporting point layer with a diameter of about 150 angstroms and a thickness of about 40 μm;
(3). Ultra-thin separation layer of polyamide material.

The ultra-thin separation layer is the effective layer that truly has a separation effect in the whole process of RO reverse osmosis and nanofiltration membranes, with a thickness of about 0.2μm.

2.The advantages of ro membrane element segmented flushing

(1). If a full-stage cleaning is carried out, the cleaning water and pollutants at the front end will be injected into the latter one together, which will easily cause blockage in the latter half.

(2). The increase in the number of stages also represents an increase in the total number of reverse osmosis membrane cartridge through which the flushing water flows. In order to better meet the total flow requirements, the working pressure of water seepage must be increased. It may exceed the specified value of the flushing working pressure, leading to an increase in the working pressure of the membrane surface and reducing the actual effect of flushing.

reverse osmosis membrane cartridge

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