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Factors affecting the stability of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-21


    As we all know, the stability of ultrafiltration water filter is very important for many industrial productions, and those who firmly believe in related fields know it very well. The stability of mbr uf membrane is closely related to many reasons. In order to better make it run and apply more stably, we should fully grasp its influencing factors, as shown below.

    mbr uf membrane

    1. Start-up and operation of the membrane bioreactor. The actual operation of membrane separation technology can only be carried out after the sludge concentration is inoculated in advance and the membrane bioreactor is basically operating stably.
    2. When the membrane is seriously polluted and the actual maintenance effect is not good, mbr uf membrane can be placed in the medicine prepared by a certain concentration value and method to soak for a certain period of time to repair the filtration characteristics of the membrane.
    3. Maintain the excellent hydraulic circulation standard of ultrafiltration filter . In order to better maintain the excellent hydraulic erosion effect of mbr uf membrane, the design of the upper and lower flow passages of the pipeline reactor should be reasonable, and the amount of aeration should be appropriate.

    4. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of mbr uf membrane. Simple countermeasures such as online and offline convection ventilation and online backwash chemical cleaning can alleviate the increase in the frictional resistance of membrane filtration and increase the running time of the membrane.

    ultrafiltration filter

    5. Maintain stable operating conditions. Frequent operating load changes will promote the clogging of mbr uf membrane and accelerate membrane fouling.

    Whether it is wastewater or other types of pollutants, once part of the pollution source leaks into the natural environment, it will cause great pollution and damage to the natural environment. It is not difficult to see that product quality is very important. Therefore, when customers purchase goods, they must not only strictly control their stability, but also strictly supervise other factors that endanger the quality of the product to ensure the safety of subsequent use and the conformity of the quality of the water produced.

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