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Causes of ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment fouling

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-21

With the progress and development of industrialization, people's demand for water and sewage continues to increase, and chemical wastewater cannot be recycled and reused. In the past, very serious water consumption occurred. Therefore, various osmosis membrane filter came into being. Ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment is a commodity that can be used repeatedly in the whole process of sewage treatment, because it often needs to solve various industrial wastewater problems and may be polluted.

ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment

1. Reasons for pollution of ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment

(1). When the filter cake layer water passes through ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment, part of the intercepted activated sludge and colloidal solution components are not immediately discharged. Due to the filtration pressure difference and the effect of flowing water, they are deposited on the membrane surface, causing the ultrafiltration membrane to foul.
(2). Microbial metabolites are the main source of dissolved organic compounds, which can produce a gel layer on the membrane surface, and can also be absorbed by the surface of ro uf membrane, causing blockage of the pores and reducing membrane flux.
(3). Microbial contamination of the membrane surface and ro uf membrane contain nutrients required by microorganisms, so a large number of microorganisms will be produced.

2. Factors affecting the pollution of ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment

(1). The characteristics of the membrane itself: such as membrane pore size and distribution, membrane raw materials, membrane structure, and the interaction between membrane-solute-solvent.
(2). The treated wastewater body: the type and concentration of organic compounds in the water.
(3). Operating conditions: sludge age, dissolved oxygen concentration, membrane surface flow rate, temperature.
(3). MAR's characteristic size, height, aeration system layout, etc.

(5). Other factors, such as the mutual influence of microbial species, the harm of the membrane itself to the growth and development of the biofilm system, the composition and concentration of the bacterial exopolymer (EPS), etc.

ro uf membrane

If ultrafiltration membrane for wastewater treatment is contaminated during use, its actual filtering effect will be greatly damaged, and its decontamination results will also be disturbed. Therefore, once it is found to be contaminated, it should be checked immediately and no actual sewage treatment operations can be carried out, otherwise the adverse effects will be unimaginable.

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