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Treatment method of utrafiltration membrane flux reduction

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-21

In the field of sewage treatment, flux is widely used, and is generally used as a unit of transport intensity of a certain attribute in fluid movement. In different sewage treatment fields, the set data and information size are all within the prescribed range. If there is a decrease or increase, we should pay attention to it.

utrafiltration membrane flux

1. Reasons for the decrease of utrafiltration membrane flux

MBR uf membrane is blocked by the biological macromolecules metabolized by the microbial species and the microbial species.
In the treatment method of microbial strains, it will degrade as the microbial strains die, causing many μm-level particles to adhere to the surface of the membrane and block the pores on the membrane, thereby reducing utrafiltration membrane flux.

Only by cleaning on time can the flux keep everything normal.

2.The solution to the drop of utrafiltration membrane flux

Uf membrane module can be processed according to the online cleaning and offline cleaning of the system software.
①. Online cleaning
Cleaning agent: sodium hypochlorite solution chlorine 3000mg/L.
Cleaning dosage: 2L/m2 membrane area.
Cleaning process:
(1) Close the self-priming pump, stop filtering, and close the gate valve on the moisture absorption pipe.
(2) Close the aeration valve after 2 minutes and stop the aeration. If air enters into the drug injection pipeline, run the self-priming pump to remove the gas in the pipeline while running the drug injection pump at a low total flow.
Open the valve of the liquid medicine injection pipe, run the liquid medicine injection pump, and gradually inject the liquid medicine. Inject all the liquid medicine within 30 minutes. Then stop the injection of the liquid medicine into the pump, close the gate valve, and stand still for 90 minutes. The contact time between the liquid medicine and the ultrafiltration membrane 2 is 120 minutes.
Open the aeration valve of the membrane module and continue aeration for about 30 minutes. Please note that the self-priming pump cannot open the entire process for filtering operations.
(3) Open the gate valve on the water inlet pipe of the self-priming pump, open the self-priming pump, and gradually operate normally again.
②. Offline cleaning
(1) The operating pressure difference exceeds P2; or two consecutive online cleanings within 3 months; or uf membrane module stored for a long time is reused.
Cleaner: a mixture of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.
Sodium hypochlorite solution: concentration value 3000mg/L
Sodium hydroxide solution: 4%

(2) Or only use sodium hypochlorite solution with a concentration value of 3000mg/L, but the cleaning effect is worse than that of mixed agents.

mbr uf membrane

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