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Physical cleaning of mbr uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-22


    After a long time of filtration,mbr uf membrane has become more and more dirty due to the adhesion of residues. This requires everyone to clean it on time. Let's take a look at the basic knowledge of physical cleaning of mbr uf membrane.

    mbr uf membrane

    1. The physical cleaning of mbr uf membrane generally involves various cleaning methods, including water fluid pressure, mechanical force and electromagnetic force. Water fluid pressure and mechanical force can form a shearing force on the surface of uf membrane module to loosen the contaminants deposited on the surface of uf membrane module. Generally speaking, physical cleaning can be carried out by methods such as forward and reverse flushing, adding turbulence, and gas cleaning.

    2. Active flushing is a very common cleaning method. The shear stress of the ultrafiltration membrane surface with rapid diffusion rate can reduce membrane fouling and repair membrane flux. Active cleaning can be in the positive direction or in the reverse direction. When the activity penetrates from the liquid-permeable side to the material side, it is reverse cleaning. The results show that the output power of reverse cleaning is higher than that of forward cleaning.

    hollow fiber uf membrane

    3. For parts of hollow fiber uf membrane, reverse cleaning should be carried out according to the closing of the permeation valve and the control of the movement direction of the membrane surface. When water passes through hollow fiber uf membrane, a pressure drop will inevitably occur, and the pressure at the inlet end is higher than the pressure at the outlet end. When the permeation valve is closed, the water on the ultrafiltration membrane permeates from the side of the source liquid to the side of the filtrate, and the lower side of the water permeates from the side of the filtrate to the side of the source liquid. If the flow is in the opposite direction, the opposite is true. Therefore, by scheduling the direction of activity, the purpose of backwashing the membrane components can be achieved.
    4. Pressure operation, low energy consumption, especially suitable for all kinds of chemical waste water, big city sewage, oily sewage, industrial sewage treatment, drinking water treatment and batching, pharmacy, chemical plants, petrochemical and other work concentration, purification and special purposes.

    The above content not only introduces the physical cleaning method of mbr uf membrane in detail, but also briefly explains its advantages and applications.

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