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Inspection items of mbr uf membrane during operation

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-22


    1. Aeration: Check whether the aeration volume meets the standard volume, and check whether the aeration volume is even. Once the aeration is found to be obviously uneven during the inspection, the amount of aeration may not meet the standard value, and the necessary methods should be selected immediately to prevent severe situations from occurring.

    mbr uf membrane

    2. Water level: Check whether the water level of mbr uf membrane is normal. The water level must be higher than the supporting frame of ultrafiltration membrane 1.

    3. The taste and color of the activated sludge method: If the sludge has an abnormal appearance design and taste, immediately check the information such as MLSS, PH, water temperature, DO, sludge viscosity, BOD load, etc., to determine the cause and deal with it properly.

    uf membrane module

    4. Transmembrane pressure difference: Check the change of transmembrane pressure difference on time. If the transmembrane pressure difference suddenly increases, it means that mbr uf membrane is clogged, which is generally caused by abnormal aeration or deterioration of the sludge. Once this happens,uf membrane module should be treated with appropriate chemical water immediately, and then check whether the transmembrane pressure difference is normal.
    5. Temperature: The normal temperature in the membrane bioreactor should be between 15-40 degrees. If the water temperature is abnormally increased or decreased during a specific application process, cooling or heat preservation methods should be adopted in time to ensure the normal operation of uf system water treatment.
    6. PH value: The PH value in all normal membrane bioreactors is in the range of 6-8. If the standard value is not reached in the specific application, an appropriate amount of acid-base or alkaline substances can be added to the sewage treatment to adjust the pH value to ensure that the pH value of the wastewater is within the effective range and to ensure the daily work of the membrane bioreactor. In the case of adding alkaline substances, it is recommended not to add lime slurry, which will easily cause the scaling of the inorganic salt of uf membrane module.
    7. Dissolved oxygen (DO value): All normal DO values of the membrane bioreactor should be above 1mg/L. When the standard value is not met, if the standard aeration volume is not exceeded, it is necessary to immediately choose an appropriate method such as adjusting the aeration standard to ensure that the DO value is normal.

    These seven levels are the details that we should pay attention to when using mbr uf membrane. They will cause great harm to the service life and working cost of mbr uf membrane.

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