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Advantages and disadvantages of uf membrane filtration

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-22

1. The advantages of uf membrane filtration

①Ro uf membrane is mainly used to filter the designated impurities, and the basic principle of filtration mainly depends on physical effects.
②Compared with the traditional filtration membrane,uf membrane filtration chooses a better and stronger ro uf membrane, which effectively improves the wastewater treatment effect. The most important thing is that the traditional filtration membrane cannot filter debris.
③At present, the double-layer filter membrane is mainly used for filtration, and the effect and quality of wastewater treatment are significantly improved, and the rationality and firmness of ultrafiltration membrane technology  are jointly improved.

④It has strong acid and alkali resistance, high pH acid and alkali wastewater can be effectively purified, with high durability, reducing application costs and ensuring the company's economic benefits.

uf membrane filtration

2.The shortcomings of uf membrane filtration

①Take daily wastewater and industrial wastewater from water plants as examples. Ultrafiltration membrane 3 will inevitably increase the solution cost. Therefore, before wastewater treatment, the natural environment on site should be mastered and a suitable wastewater treatment plan should be selected. If the water hardness and carbonate concentration are high, a double-layer filter membrane should be selected. When the water body is normal and the sewage treatment process is not chaotic,uf membrane filtration is often selected to effectively reduce the cost. However, in the practice of wastewater treatment, the process is relatively chaotic, and most water plants prefer uf membrane filtration, which undoubtedly increases the cost.
②When filtering, the impurities can be faced to the filter membrane by the external pressure that meets the requirements. Therefore, the requirements for the equipment are higher. When choosing ultrafiltration equipment, strictly control the energy consumption and choose the machinery that can provide the required driving force and the lowest output power. equipment.

③In the entire process of application, membrane environmental pollution is prone to occur, which will reduce the concentration of wastewater and the quality of purified water, and consume system energy consumption. When environmental pollution is not optimistic, chemical substances must be used for disinfection.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

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