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Principle of uf membrane filtration

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-24

1. The principle of uf membrane filtration

Ro uf membrane is a technical filtration process that takes the pressure difference between the two sides of the membrane as the driving force and uf membrane module as the filtering material. Under a certain working pressure, when the stock solution passes through the membrane surface, the many fine microplates covered on the membrane surface only allow water and small molecular water components to pass through and become permeate, while the stock solution exceeds the micro-diameter of the membrane surface. It is trapped on the other side of the membrane and becomes the extraction liquid, thereby purifying the original liquid.

The thickness of the membrane filament per meter is about 6 billion times. The thickness of the microporous plate is 0.01μm. Its thickness only allows water, beneficial minerals and nutrients in the water to pass through. The volume of the bacteria is at least 0.02μm. Therefore, the bacteria and their colloidal solutions , Rust, suspended solids, fine sand, biological macromolecule organic compounds will be intercepted, and then complete the purification process.

uf membrane filtration

2. The washing step of uf membrane filtration

After uf membrane filtration works for a period of time, the trapped bacteria, rust, colloidal solution, suspended solids, biological macromolecular organic compounds and other harmful substances will adhere to the inner surface of uf membrane module, causing the water output to gradually decrease, especially when When the water quality and environmental pollution are not optimistic, it is more likely to cause blockage. The ultrafiltration membrane should be flushed on time, which can effectively repair the water production rate of the membrane.

2. Manufacturing process of ro uf membrane

Through the ingot casting process, the entire bundle of ultrafiltration membrane filaments is made into an ultrafiltration membrane filter element. The filter element is composed of an ABS shell and an epoxy resin stainless steel cap on both sides of the shell. The epoxy resin stainless steel head fills the position between the membrane filament and the membrane filament to form a barrier between the original liquid and the permeate. The original liquid mainly enters the pores of the ultrafiltration membrane. After passing through uf membrane filtration, it becomes the permeate to prevent the original liquid. It enters the permeate directly without filtering.


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