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Hollow fiber uf membrane filtration method

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-25

1. How to filter by hollow fiber uf membrane?

The water that needs to be filtered is advanced to hollow fiber uf membrane. Under the action of the pressure difference, the many 0.01μm microporous plates covered on the membrane surface only allow water, beneficial minerals and nutrients to pass through and become filtered water. Bacteria, rust, colloidal solution, fine sand, suspended solids, biological macromolecular organic compounds and other substances are blocked and flow into hollow fiber uf membrane, and are discharged during washing.

hollow fiber uf membrane

After uf membrane module is applied for a period of time, the blocked bacteria, rust, colloidal solution, suspended solids, biological macromolecular organic compounds and other harmful substances will adhere to the inner surface of the membrane, causing the water production to gradually decrease, especially when the water quality and When the environmental pollution is not optimistic, it is more likely to cause clogging of uf membrane module, and it is necessary to flush it on time to reasonably restore the water production of the original membrane.

2. Factors affecting the water production of hollow fiber uf membrane.

(1). The effect of temperature on water production: as the temperature increases, the vitality of the water increases, and the viscosity decreases, so the water production increases. On the contrary, the water production is reduced, so even the same ultrafiltration membrane 3 has a large difference in water production in winter and summer.
(2). The effect of actual operating pressure on water production: In the high-pressure section, water production is positively correlated with pressure, that is, water production increases with pressure. However, when the pressure value exceeds 0.3 MPa, even if the pressure rises again, the water production volume will not increase too much. The fundamental reason is that hollow fiber uf membrane is compressed under high pressure to expand the frictional resistance of water permeability.
(3). The influence of the influent turbidity on the water production: the greater the influent turbidity, the less the production, and the greater the influent turbidity, the easier it is to block.

(4). The effect of flow velocity on water production: the change of flow velocity has no obvious effect on water production than temperature and pressure. A slow flow rate will easily cause blockage, and too fast will affect water production.

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