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How to prevent the growth and development of microorganisms in industrial ro membrane?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-27


    As we all know, there are many impurities in the water. Industrial ro membrane is the main equipment for removing these impurities. However, through long-term work, some impurities will remain on the surface of the membrane, which inevitably endangers the operation of the equipment. Let's take a look at how to prevent the production of microorganisms in industrial ro membrane.

    industrial ro membrane

    1. Change the growth environment of microbial strains, and the composition of microbial strains cannot adapt to changes in the new environment. At this stage, the key method is to change the pH of the seepage water, which affects the growth and development of bacteria, reduces the rate of bacterial reproduction and even death.

    2. A large amount of operating experience has confirmed that the regular addition of non-oxidizing fungicides in the facility is a reasonable way to control the production of microbial strains during the operation of osmosis membrane filter. For the current situation, it is recommended to administer the drug once a week, and gradually increase the dosing cycle after the system is stabilized.

    reverse osmosis system

    3. Chemical cleaning should be carried out regularly. Purchase a special cleaning agent to clean industrial ro membrane in time. After a period of operation, the components on the membrane surface cannot be removed by physical methods, but chemical treatment methods can be removed reasonably, increase the service life, and save operating costs for the enterprise.
    4. Replace the security filter element filter on time. According to the instructions for use, when the pressure difference expands to 0.2MPa, the security filter element filter should be replaced. However, in specific applications, when the pressure difference increases above 0.05, a large amount of impurities will remain. The blocked foreign matter is likely to enter reverse osmosis system with the seepage water, and endanger the operation of reverse osmosis system. Therefore, the problem must be checked and replaced immediately.

    The information on how industrial ro membrane prevents the growth and development of microorganisms will be explained here today, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. The above methods can rationally grow and develop microorganisms, and users can choose a reasonable method to control the growth and development of microorganisms according to their specific conditions, and ensure all normal practical operations.

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