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Use of industrial ro membrane protective liquid and fungicides

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-28


    As we all know, water treatment has always been a promising industry.Industrial ro membrane and some reverse osmosis devices have been recognized and widely used by many customers. Many customers need to understand and master the storage methods of industrial ro membrane protective liquid and fungicides.

    industrial ro membrane

    1. Formaldehyde.
    A formaldehyde solution with a solution concentration of 0.1-1% can be used to sterilize reverse osmosis membrane filter and protect it from long-term use. industrial ro membrane can only be exposed to formaldehyde after 24 hours of use.
    2. Isothiazoline.
    The brand name of isothiazoline is Kathon, which is used for sterilization and storage of industrial ro membrane, and the recommended concentration value is about 15-20%.
    3. Sodium bisulfite.
    Sodium bisulfite can be used as an agent for the growth and development of microbial strains. When this type of organic solvent is used to control the growth and development, 500ppm is added for 30 to 60 minutes a day. When reverse osmosis membrane filter is out of operation and protection for a long time, 1% sodium bisulfite can be used as the protection solution.
    4. Hydrogen peroxide.

    Hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid can be used as a bactericide. It must be noted that the water supply should not contain transition metals (Fe, Mn). If it contains transition elements, the membrane equipment material will be degraded, leading to the dissolution of reverse osmosis membrane cartridge. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the sterilization should not exceed 0.2%. The hydrogen peroxide is used as a protective liquid for reverse osmosis membrane cartridge when it is out of service for a long time. When hydrogen peroxide is used, the water temperature should not exceed 20°C.

    reverse osmosis membrane cartridge

    The above is about the storage method of industrial ro membrane protective liquid and the fungicide. Customers can use the combination according to the description of the article according to the equipment. The specific use amount and ratio need to be verified by the manufacturer or customer personnel to avoid misuse. , Resulting in damage to the equipment.

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