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Treatment method of membrane for ro water purifier performance decline

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-28

Membrane for ro water purifier is a key component of reverse osmosis membrane filter, which plays a very critical role in the water quality of the equipment. Once there is a problem, it will cause great harm to water quality. During use, the performance of membrane for ro water purifier may decrease.

reverse osmosis membrane filter

1. The main factors of performance degradation of membrane for ro water purifier

The main factor is that the surface of the membrane is polluted by the environment, such as surface fouling, clogged membrane pores or physical changes. Among them, the physical change is due to the compaction effect that causes the permeability coefficient of ro membrane element to decrease. The chemical reaction is mainly caused by the fluctuation of PH value, such as the hydrolysis reaction of cellulose ester membrane. Dispersed chlorine will also reduce the performance of the directional acrylic resin film. The clogging of the membrane pores is mainly caused by the accumulation of the membrane surface and the reproduction of microorganisms. Among them, microbial species will not only block the membrane pores, but also corrode cellulose acetate.

membrane for ro water purifier

2. Treatment method for performance degradation of membrane for ro water purifier

(1). Control the pH of the water. Under normal circumstances, the pH of the water supply and drainage should be adjusted within the range of 3-11.

(2). During the operation of reverse osmosis membrane filter, the feed water volume shall not exceed the design index value, and the concentrated water volume shall be avoided to be lower than the design index value.

(3). Always pay attention to the pressure difference of the precision filter to ensure that the pressure difference is within the specification range.
(4). Pay attention to the source water quality. If the source water quality changes, immediately adjust the pretreatment process.

The performance degradation of membrane for ro water purifier is the main factor that harms the decrease in the water production rate of mechanical equipment. Although the performance of ro membrane element itself is relatively stable, its performance will still be compromised due to problems such as unreasonable use and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly implement the standard requirements and perform maintenance on time to ensure the performance of the membrane equipment.

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