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Application of reverse osmosis membrane technology in high-salt wastewater

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-28


    The rapid development of social economy has promoted a significant improvement in the level of industrial production technology in my country, and the problem of water pollution has gradually become prominent throughout the industrial development process. At this stage, my country attaches great importance to the utilization rate of industrial wastewater recycling system, vigorously develops efficient treatment of industrial wastewater, and comprehensively promotes ecological environmental protection.

    reverse osmosis membrane technology

    At present, solving high-salt wastewater is the main problem encountered in my country's industrial production. High-salt wastewater refers to wastewater containing organic compounds and at least total dissolved solids TDS with a mass concentration of ≥3.5%, including high-salt daily life wastewater and high-salt industry Wastewater. If it is discharged immediately without treatment, it will definitely cause great harm to the production of aquatic organisms, daily drinking water, industrial and agricultural production and manufacturing water. The traditional method of treating high-salt wastewater generally uses evaporative cooling crystallization technology. The high-salt wastewater is cooled by heating and volatilizing to lower the temperature, which can produce crystalline salt. This part of the salt can be recycled. Because of its high salt content, it does not meet environmental protection standards, and many other concentrated brines must be extracted again. Multi-effect evaporation has high energy consumption and high daily operation cost, so it is generally not recommended to use.

    As a commonly used desalination technology at this stage,reverse osmosis membrane technology has the advantages of high durability, high water production, and high separation efficiency compared with traditional technologies. Reverse osmosis membrane technology can rationally purify and treat biological invasion and organic compounds. water. Reverse osmosis element membrane is dedicated to the design of high-solubility total solid components, the excellent actual effect of salt removal can make the water production effect better, and the wider channel has better tolerance to pollutants.

    reverse osmosis element membrane

    Reverse osmosis membrane manufacturers can be customized in the process according to different raw materials, and the appropriate flow channel, pulsation damper and its water production layout can be designed. Mature reverse osmosis membrane technology, complete services, assist the company in technological upgrades and circulatory system production processes, and reasonably promote industrial production users to increase productivity and complete green manufacturing.

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