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Frequently asked questions about ro membrane filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2021-12-29

1. What is the reason for the increased conductivity of the secondary reverse osmosis effluent?

① Determine whether the operating data of ro membrane filter has changed. It may be that the running time is long and the environmental pollution of ro membrane element is blocked, which leads to an increase in conductivity. In this case, the increase in conductivity must be treated with chemical water.

② Determine whether the secondary water inlet and alkali pump is working. It is recommended that the pH value of the secondary water inlet is between 8-8.4. In addition, NaOH is mainly used to better remove carbon dioxide in water.

ro membrane filter

2. Is it necessary to clean ro membrane filter when it is closed? If not, how long can it be stopped?

It is recommended to clean when reverse osmosis is closed. If cleaning cannot be performed due to unique reasons, it can be closed according to the following specifications:
Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is used in the system. When the temperature is 20-35°C, the shutdown time shall not exceed 4 hours. When the temperature is less than 20℃, the closing time shall not exceed 8 hours

3. What should be paid attention to when adding sodium hypochlorite solution in the pretreatment of ro membrane filter?

Strictly control the amount of use. Before entering the membrane system, add an oxidizer to ensure that the permanganate index used is restored, and install an online ORP checker to check the oxidation of the water immediately.

4. Why is the concentrated water flow meter of ro membrane filter green?

The sterilization of the system is not complete, and the bacteria on the concentrated water side multiply.

5. Why the water production rate of ro membrane filter is getting smaller and smaller?

The water seepage body is poor and the residue is too much, which causes ro membrane element to be blocked and reduces the water production rate. Prepare the softener in time, replace the filter element, and clean reverse osmosis membrane cartridge.

ro membrane element

6. Why is the pH value of the water produced less than the pH value of the feed water?

Reverse osmosis membrane cartridge can remove molten positive ions, but cannot remove molten steam. If the influent water contains CO2, the pH of the water will decrease. Add NaOH to the dosing pump to adjust the pH to partial alkali, because when the pH is between 7.5 and 8, the actual effect of reverse osmosis desalination is stronger.

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