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Precautions for ultrafiltration membrane technology

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-04

The development trend of concentration and separation equipment has gone through many links, including physical methods and organic chemical methods. But so far, the concentration and separation equipment has almost all adopted the same basic principle.Ultrafiltration membrane technology uses an uf membrane module with a pore size of micrometers to filter residues exceeding this diameter to complete the purification of crude salt.

ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Attention issues of ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Uf membrane module can block bacteria, but cannot kill bacteria.Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is unlikely to ensure that the clean area is free of bacteria for a long time. As long as there are bacteria, the bacteria will multiply until it affects the water quality. Therefore, sterilization must be carried out on time.
2. Attention must be paid to the maintenance of ultrafiltration components, and attention to application and installation. If you stop using it, it must be washed in cold water, disinfected with an aqueous formaldehyde solution, and sealed well.

3. Since each hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is added with maintenance liquid before shipment, the maintenance liquid must be thoroughly cleaned before use, with low pressure cleaning for one hour, and then high pressure cleaning for one hour. When using water production, check that there is no fungicide in the water.

2. The main purpose of ultrafiltration membrane technology

1. Pure water: In the production of mineral water,ultrafiltration membrane technology is used. In the engineering design, according to the pure water source water quality inspection report, the diameter and type of the membrane are selected, and the design scheme is ultrafiltration design.
2. Food: Ultrafiltration membranes are gradually used in the production of dairy products, fruit juices, wines, seasonings and other foods, such as the separation of egg white and low molecular weight whey protein from water in milk or whey protein, and the Reaction, disinfection, removal of colored plate egg white in wine, removal of sugar content and residues of colloidal solution, removal of bacteria in soy sauce and vinegar, etc.
3. Pharmaceutical: In the production and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, heat-sensitive chemicals often must be separated and purified. Ultrafiltration is used to separate and extract biologically active substances (such as enzymes, viral infections, DNA, unique egg whites, etc.).
4. Pure water and ultra-pure water: primary purification of industrialized water, pretreatment of pure water and ultra-pure water production, and terminal treatment of pure water and ultra-pure water.
5. Environmental protection: advanced treatment of chemical wastewater, urban reclaimed water reuse system, electrophoresis paint and oil recovery.

6. Melting: separation and special production of biochemical fermentation broth.

uf membrane module

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