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The authenticity of ro membrane element

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-08


    At present,Dow reverse osmosis membrane and Hydraulic reverse osmosis membrane are the most common ro membrane element in the market. The sales market is highly competitive, and the cost of ro membrane element itself is relatively high. In order to better reduce costs, some manufacturers make counterfeit and shoddy products to gain rights. In order to prevent the purchase of counterfeit and shoddy products, let me introduce in detail how to distinguish the authenticity of ro membrane element?
    The packaging of both Hyde Energy and Dow reverse osmosis membrane should be intact and unopened, and the color of the membrane should be bright and clear. There will be a unique barcode/anti-counterfeiting code on ro membrane element. This barcode/anti-counterfeiting code is equivalent to people's ID number, which is unique and can be verified with the manufacturer.

    ro membrane element
    1. Fake and shoddy goods: stickers outside the label.
    2. Refurbished and shoddy products: The recycled genuine old film is cleaned by medicine, and the water flow and salt removal rate change are not much different from the new film, and then packaged into a new film. Although it is also a genuine membrane, due to the growth of time, the characteristics and filtration effect of the membrane will be significantly different from that of the new membrane, which is a classic case of shoddy.

    Taking the imported reverse osmosis membrane as an example, it will be equipped with a concentrated water sealing ring, a power adapter and its corresponding o-ring when it leaves the factory. Using sodium bisulfite with a concentration of 1.0% as the maintenance fluid,ro membrane element is sealed under vacuum system conditions, but due to technical or cost issues, the refurbished membrane cannot meet this requirement.
    3. Product labeling: Today, the production and manufacture of Hyde Energy only originate in the United States, Japan and Shanghai. Among them, all 8-foot membrane elements originated in the United States or Japan. Each Hydraulic reverse osmosis membrane can be identified by looking up a unique barcode.

    Dow reverse osmosis membrane

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