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Product Design and Advantages of FRP Membrane Shells

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-11

1. Design scheme of FRP membrane shell

The FRP membrane shell has good structural mechanical properties and maintains excellent fatigue resistance, because in the composite material with increased fiber, the fiber is the key load-bearing component, and the base material fixes the fibers according to the fixed position. The load is transmitted to each fiber, and fibers and substrates with different properties can be selected according to the structural bearing capacity standards and usage requirements. As well as volume percentages, fiber placement orientation, layup design options, structural appearance and geometry specifications to optimally control index values for performance, net weight and cost levels.

FRP membrane shell

2. Type advantages of FRP membrane shell

The pressure vessel is one of the main components of stainless steel water filter. Membrane shell pressure vessels are divided into glass fiber reinforced plastics, stainless steel plates and engineering categories according to common raw materials. FRP raw materials have good corrosion resistance. At the same time, FRP membrane shell has a strong product design scheme, stable specification accuracy and high surface quality. At present, the international reverse osmosis water treatment pressure vessels are mainly FRP pressure vessels, which are selected for almost all large and medium-sized and key projects. Fiberglass pressure vessel.
The FRP pressure vessel for stainless steel water filter is subjected to the pressure of the circulatory system, and the long-term working pressure will gradually cause fatigue or even overall damage. Fatigue performance is the key performance index value of FRP products. When the FRP pressure vessel is given a given cyclic stress and test conditions, the number of cyclic systems that start to load to the critical design pressure is called fatigue life. The fatigue life of FRP membrane shell should be the same as osmosis membrane filter design scheme is the same.

The fatigue performance of FRP raw materials in the fiber direction is better than that of metal materials. The fatigue resistance of FRP raw materials is 60~90% of the compressive strength, while the fatigue limit of metal materials is only 30~50%.

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