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Models and Specifications of Stainless steel membrane shell

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    As we all know, reverse osmosis membrane technology is a membrane separation and filtration technology that uses the pressure gauge difference as the power, and reverse osmosis element membrane can effectively remove impurities such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, colloids, bacteria, and viruses in the raw water. Reverse osmosis equipment not only needs reverse osmosis element membrane, its stainless steel membrane shell is also one of the main components. Stainless steel membrane shell is a pressure vessel with stainless steel head, which is manufactured by spiral winding production process, with excellent characteristics, high toughness and light weight. application.

    stainless steel membrane shell

    There are many types and specifications of common stainless steel membrane shell, which can be classified according to diameter and length.
    1. Diameter of membrane shell: 2.5 inches (end connection), 4 inches (end connection/side connection), 8 inches (end connection/side connection).
    2. Membrane shell length: 21 inches, 40 inches (1 core), 80 inches (2 cores), 120 inches (3 cores), 160 inches (4 cores), 200 inches (5 cores), 240 inches (6 cores) , 280 inches (7 cores). .
    3. Specifications and models of membrane shell parts: 2521, 2540, 4021, 4040, 4080, 40120, 40160, 8040, 8080, 80120, 80160, 80200, 80240.
    4. Membrane shell pressure: 150 psi, 250 psi, 300 psi, 400 psi, 450 psi, 600 psi, 1000 psi, 1200 psi.
    5. Membrane shell material: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316L, FRP.
    6. Membrane shell bearing end cover material: ABS, SUS304, SUS316L.

    7. Compression resistance: 2-2.5Mpa.

    8. Water inlet method: water inlet on both sides or both sides.
    9. Structure: Standard spare parts.
    10. Sealing: Tested by pressure resistance.

    11. The connection method between the two sides of the head and the membrane shell: clamp joint type, card design, inner torsion spring type, quick opening type, clamp check valve type, end plate type.

    reverse osmosis element membrane

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