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Application of uf membrane module in environmental protection water treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-12


    With the continuous improvement of environmental protection intentions, environmental protection enterprises have entered a period of rapid growth. Uf membrane module is widely used in sewage treatment due to its good organic chemical properties and separation performance. The following is a brief introduction to the practical application of uf membrane module in sewage treatment.

    uf membrane module

    1. Drinking water purification treatment

    With the increasing emphasis on drinking water, the regulations on drinking water are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, the purification of drinking water has become the top priority of drinking water engineering. This provides for the treatment and purification of bacteria, suspended solids, bacteria, microbial species and their viral infections in drinking water for efficient manipulation of their constituents. Compared with other traditional drinking water purification treatment methods, uf membrane module can not only reasonably remove μm particles in water, but also effectively remove nanoparticles that cannot be achieved by traditional water treatment, and can reasonably remove many harmful substances such as bacteria and suspended solids in water. , improve water quality.

    2. Desalination
    With the continuous shortage of freshwater resources, seawater desalination has become an important way to reasonably deal with the pollution of freshwater resources. The application of ultrafiltration technology for seawater desalination is an important technological improvement, reform and innovation. Not only is it low in energy consumption and cost, but its salt removal rate is also considerable. Due to its strong organic chemical properties and separation performance,hollow fiber uf membrane can reasonably operate the water body in the reverse osmosis system software and improve the seawater desalination water body.
    3. Recycling of food industry wastewater

    In the food industry, many production processes result in wastewater. Organic compounds such as tapioca starch, yeast, human fat, whey protein and its proteins are relatively high in composition and have great comprehensive utilization value. In addition, food industry wastewater is rich in a large amount of COD and BOD. If the sewage is not treated in time and discharged into the natural environment, it will cause great environmental pollution.Hollow fiber uf membrane can be used to recycle food industry wastewater for reuse, which can not only solve the food industry wastewater reasonably, cut off the COD and BOD in the wastewater reasonably, reduce air pollution, but also comprehensively utilize the food industry wastewater to save a lot of resources, realize environmental protection and Energy saving.

    ro uf membrane

    4. Solve oily wastewater
    With the continuous acceleration of urbanization in our country, the consumption of oily wastewater is increasing, which has caused obvious environmental pollution to the water sources of large cities. Oily wastewater comes in three shapes: emulsifiable concentrate floating on the surface of the wastewater, loose oil mixed in, and emulsion. Loose and creamy oils are easy to fix. Technical solutions such as mechanical equipment separation of oil and active water, carbon consumption absorption, solidification and fixation can be used. There are organic matter and activated carbon in the emulsion, and the oil in the water exists in the form of positive ions. Oil cannot be extracted using coarse graining and gravity separation methods. However, the application of uf membrane module can allow water and low molecular structure substances to permeate into the membrane, eliminate oil, remove BOD and COD, and then separate water and oil, reducing environmental pollution in the natural environment.
    5. Solve electroplating wastewater
    Due to the uniqueness of industrial production of electroplating process, the wastewater usually contains a large amount of heavy metals such as hexavalent chromium, copper, nickel, cadmium, zinc and other heavy metals with toxic and side effects exceeding standard ions and their sub-hydrogen cyanide, which have obvious effects on humans, animals and food crops. harm. Therefore, electroplating wastewater should be reasonably solved. When ro uf membrane is selected for electroplating wastewater technical solution, it can reasonably remove 87% of total organic carbon, 99.8% of nickel, 95% of phosphate and 97% of electrical conductivity in electroplating wastewater.
    6. Solve pulp wastewater
    Using uf membrane module to solve the pulp wastewater can reduce and purchase some components in the wastewater, and the solved water can also be used in the processing technology.

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