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Classification of uf filter membrane

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    Uf filter membrane was industrialized in the 1960s. It is a microporous filtration membrane with the same pore size specification and model, and the rated pore size range is below 0.01 μm. Uf filter membrane is one of the earliest developed polymer separation membranes. If a proper working pressure is applied on one side of the membrane, the molecular structure of the substance with a concentration lower than the pore size can be screened out, thereby separating the particles with a particle size exceeding 10 nanometers and a relative molecular mass exceeding 500 Daltons. It is divided into different types according to different materials and appearance designs.

    hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

    1. Uf filter membrane is classified according to different membrane raw materials
    (1) Organic film
    The organic membrane is mainly made of polymer materials, mainly cellulose acetate, aromatic polyamide, polyethersulfone, polyvinylidene fluoride and other materials. According to the different appearance of membrane, it can be divided into flat membrane, tubular membrane, capillary membrane, hollow fiber membrane, etc.
    (2) Inorganic film

    Inorganic membranes are mainly ceramic membranes and metal membranes. Among them,ceramic ultrafiltration membranes is widely used in household water purifiers, with a long service life and corrosion resistance, but the water output has an earthy smell, which is harmful to the taste. At the same time, ceramic ultrafiltration membranes is easily blocked and cleaned. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is widely used in the field of household water purification due to its advantages of high addition density, reasonable total membrane area, high pure water flux, convenient use, and convenient cleaning. The wall thickness of the hollow fiber is covered with a microporous plate, and the molecular weight of the material that can be intercepted is very large, and the relative molecular mass of the interception can reach several thousand to several hundred thousand. Under the condition that the total water production rate per unit membrane filament remains unchanged, the larger the total area of the membrane filled by the filter element, the higher the total water production rate of the filter element.

    2. Classification of uf filter membrane according to the design characteristics of the membrane
    (1) Flat film;
    (2) Tubular ultrafiltration membrane, pore size>10μm;
    (3) Capillary ultrafiltration membrane with a pore size of 0.5~10.00μm;
    (4) Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, with a pore size of 0.5 μm;

    (5) Porous ultrafiltration membrane.

    uf filter membrane

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