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The function and characteristics of uf membrane module

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-13

1.Ultrafiltration Membrane Principle

Ultrafiltration is a process that promotes membrane separation according to the working pressure of relative molecular mass. Ultrafiltration membrane pore size is generally 1-100 nm, and can retain chemical substances with a relative molecular mass of 3 million-50,000 Daltons, including sugar content, biomolecules, polymers and colloidal solution chemicals. The relative molecular mass of most uf membrane module is generally defined as the relative molecular mass, and the rejection rate exceeds 90%.

uf membrane module

2.The characteristics of uf membrane module

Some of the key parameters that determine the use of uf membrane module in separation applications are porosity, structural appearance, surface properties, impact toughness and chemical resistance. This characteristic depends on ultrafiltration membrane pore size, material and production process. The highly porous structure of the membrane can only be maintained if the polymeric material has a moderate tensile strength. The characteristics of pressure resistance, solvent cleaning resistance, bacterial dissolution resistance, and temperature resistance are of great practical significance to ultrafiltration membrane principle.

The most important technical parameters of uf membrane module are flux and separation capacity. Since the rejection rate of ultrafiltration membranes is higher than that of most ultrafiltration membranes for high-throughput sequencing, the concentration value polarization and environmental pollution of ultrafiltration membranes are more obvious than those of the RO reverse osmosis system software.

3.The advantages of ultrafiltration processing technology.

Ultrafiltration can remove all particles in water, and ultrafiltration usually has a rejection range of 0.001-0.01μm. For general sewage treatment, including sewage treatment in large cities, the interception range of ultrafiltration is 0.01≤0.02μm, which mainly includes tiny viruses in water resources. As we all know, ultrapure water must have a small pore size and retention range to ensure complete removal of particulate matter, and the leachate should be sterilized. Uf membrane module system is simple and compact, with a high level of automation technology and low drug dosage.

ultrafiltration membrane pore size

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