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Chemical Cleaning Criteria for Ultrafiltration systems water treatment

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-13

1. Ultrafiltration systems water treatment chemical cleaning specification.

During the basic operation of ultrafiltration systems water treatment, the surface of ultrafiltration membrane filaments may be polluted by solid particles, colloidal solution particles, microorganisms or insoluble organic matter, which cannot be repaired according to the basic softener or organic chemical strengthening softener, resulting in standardized production. Water rate and transmembrane pressure drop are reduced.

ultrafiltration systems water treatment

Uf filter membrane must be cleaned to restore properties when:
①. Standardized water production rate reduced by 25%
②. Standardize the transmembrane pressure difference to increase by 1.0bar.
③. The transmembrane pressure difference rises to a maximum value of 2.1bar.
④.If you do not have your actual operating data information, please refer to the above data information to choose whether chemical cleaning is possible.

In the course of daily operation, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the operation characteristics of ultrafiltration systems water treatment, including operating pressure difference and water production. With uf filter membrane air pollution, the differential pressure will increase and the water production will decrease. It must be noted that if the seepage temperature decreases, the water production will also decrease, which is all normal and not caused by membrane air pollution. At this point, UF 1 may not be cleaned up.

2.Ultrafiltration systems water treatment chemical cleaning safety hazards.

①. Approved safe operating procedures must be followed when cleaning up all organic chemicals. You can consult chemical raw material manufacturers about the safety performance of chemical raw materials, practical operation methods and discharge of key issues.
②. When preparing sufficient cleaning solution, it should be ensured that all cleaned chemicals are properly dissolved and mixed before entering uf membrane module.

③. During the cycle of the cleaning fluid, the larger temperature and pH limits must be determined in advance.

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