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How to distinguish the good or bad water filter cartridge

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-18

The quality discrimination of different water filter cartridge is very simple, and can only be distinguished according to the function of the water filter cartridge.

1. The filtration accuracy of PP cotton is not as low as possible, and the over-accuracy of 5μm is the best.

The PP cotton filter element over 5μm allows many large particle chemicals to pass through, there by reducing the service life of the lower filter element and increasing the cost of disassembling and replacing the water filter cartridge. The filter element below 5μm will greatly reduce the water flow of the water purifier. At the same time, when the application of the filter element is not clear, due to the excessive application of PP cotton, it is easy to cause three environmental pollution of the water body. The larger the net weight of 5μm PP cotton, the longer the service life.

PP Melt Blow Filter20.jpg

2. The higher the adsorption value of activated carbon, the better the adsorption effect.

The standard adsorption value of activated carbon export is 800. Common activated carbon filters can be divided into two types: compressed activated carbon cores and bulk activated carbon cores. Considering the quality of the activated carbon filter element, there are generally three index values: iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride adsorption value, and methylene salt adsorption value. The higher the value of these three indicators on the filter element, the stronger the adsorption capacity and the better the quality of the activated carbon filter element. The numbers of these three values imply the working capacity for adsorbing organic compounds, gases and discoloration, respectively. However, carbon adsorption has a service life, remember to replace it on time.


3. The ro membrane filter is the key component of the water purifier filter element.

The precision of the ro purifier membrane is much higher than that of the ultrafiltration membrane. The diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is only 31/100 of the ultrafiltration membrane, so the reverse osmosis membrane can remove the environmental pollution of small organic molecules in the water, such as chemical organic matter, organic chemical pesticide pollution, etc. , but cannot be removed by the ultrafiltration membrane. The reverse osmosis membrane also has the function of softening the water body and softening the hardness of the water.


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