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How to ensure the normal service life of the ro filter cartridge

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-17

The service life of the ro filter cartridge is closely related to the water quality of the city and its daily water purification and water purification needs. In other words, if the water quality in your city is weak, or the daily demand for purified water is relatively large, the number of times the reverse osmosis membrane filter is used is high, and the service life may be correspondingly reduced. In general, it is recommended to use PP cotton for 6 months, carbon rod filter for 12 months, reverse osmosis membrane for 12 months, nanofiltration membrane for 24 months, and rear camera carbon rod filter for 12 months. However, there are still slight differences between reverse osmosis membrane filter of different specifications, and the actual use time must depend on the product description!

What are the ways to ensure the normal service life of the water purifier filter element? In fact, only by following the following methods can the service life of the filter element be properly increased.

ro filter cartridge

1. Install the front water purifier

If the water quality in your area is not very good, you can install a front water purifier before osmosis membrane filter to purify the water. Preliminarily filter the water quality according to the pre-water purifier, and filter out the fine sand, rust and other large particulate chemicals in the water, which can ease the daily tasks of the ro filter cartridge. If the water purifier considers the task to be lighter every day, the service life of the ro filter cartridge will naturally increase moderately.

2. Check and clean the waste water valve in time

In addition to installing the front water purifier, you can also carefully observe whether the sewage consumption of osmosis membrane filter is normal. After the sewage valve is blocked by dirt or residue, if the blockage is not checked and solved immediately, it is likely to cause the ro filter cartridge to be blocked and reduce its service life. Therefore, special attention should be paid to regularly inspecting and clearing the sewage valve as soon as possible to prevent clogging and inconvenience to drinking water and ensure normal use.

osmosis membrane filter

3. Regularly clean the filter element of the water purifier

Now many high-end smart water purifier systems have a fully automatic flushing function, which will flush the filter element on time, avoiding your worries. Regular maintenance can not only ensure the purity and safety of the water quality at home, but also reasonably prolong the service life of the ro filter cartridge to ensure stable and smooth operation.

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