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How to change the reverse osmosis membrane filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-22

As we all know, the most important thing for reverse osmosis membrane filter is water filter cartridge. The quality of the filter element and whether it works normally or not determines whether the water quality is qualified. Therefore, it must be replaced to a certain extent. Next, I will introduce in detail how to replace the maintenance method of water filter cartridge and stainless steel water filter.

water filter cartridge

1. How to replace water filter cartridge?

①. Replace the filter element of the pre-filter, close the water inlet valve, remove the hoses at both ends of the transparent bottle and control the water in the transparent bottle, unscrew the white quick connector of the water outlet of the filter, and replace the old filter element with a new filter element , then wash, cover the outer cover, tighten the white push-in fitting, and finally insert the plastic hose.
②. Replace the water filter cartridge. After closing the valve to drain the water, rotate the old filter element 90 degrees up and down to remove it, then insert the new filter element, rotate it 90 degrees up and down, and finally check for water leakage.

③. Replace the filter element, close the valve to remove the residual water, replace the old filter element in the filter housing with a new filter element, and then put an "O" ring coated with Vaseline in the groove of the filter housing, and tighten the filter housing.

2.The maintenance method of stainless steel water filter.

①. When installing reverse osmosis membrane filter, it must be prevented from approaching high temperature heat sources, such as gas stoves, electric water heaters, etc. The fundamental reason is that otherwise the plastic part of the product will easily dissolve or burn, which will of course endanger the service life of the product.
②. During the installation process, it is necessary not only to prevent high temperature heat sources, but also to prevent sunlight exposure, because no matter what kind of water purification equipment will grow orchid algae after a certain amount of direct sunlight, this substance is harmful to the human body.
③. If the water purifier has not been used for several days, in the process of using it again, the water purifier needs to be cleaned until the original water is drained.

④. It is unavoidable that the water purifier fails. At that time, you must immediately close the drinking water valve, cut off the water inlet of the water purifier, and do not disassemble and assemble it hastily.

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