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Hollow fiber uf membrane repair steps

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-24


    The hollow fiber uf membrane refers to a membrane with a fibrous shape and a self-supporting point function. Hollow fiber uf membrane uses polysulfone and dimethylacetamide as raw materials to produce cellulose filaments processed into hollow inner walls. In addition to high water permeability polymers, it also has the characteristics of selective permeation. So what are the steps to repair hollow fiber uf membrane?

    1. Prepare the diaphragm in advance.

    Damaged membrane parts must be removed from ultrafiltration systems water treatment and placed horizontally on a chair to remove hoops, bearing end caps, and water pipes. Lay the film part horizontally in the repair box. Plug one end of the production line with a bottle stopper and the other end with a unique bottle stopper with gas connector. The size of this gas connector is 1/4. Before charging, make sure that the two stoppers have been installed properly, and the fusion with the membrane parts is very tight, and it is not easy to cause leakage during ventilation.

    2. Safety precautions
    In order to avoid damage to the blind plate due to not tightening it after charging, the wires and hooks should be fixed on the inner wall of the repair box. Be sure to pay attention to this safety precaution before charging.
    3. Fill the repair box with enough water, just soak the hollow fiber uf membrane in half. Note that it is better to carry out detailed chemical water treatment before repairing, and it is easy to find damaged membrane filaments on the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane after cleaning.

    4. Use the pressure reducing valve to adjust the working pressure to 5-6PSI, be careful not to exceed 10PSI. Leaks can usually be found with a working pressure of at least a gas such as 5PSI. If the working pressure is too high, it is easy to cause air diffusion.

    hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

    5. Look for leaking membrane wires.

    Once the permeate side is pressurized, the finger can be gradually placed on the inner hole of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, and a slight rotation can usually be felt over the finger. Spinning the hollow fiber uf membrane in water can quickly determine the actual damage to the membrane filaments. When the leaked part is immersed in water, it is easy to find the actual damaged membrane wire according to the expansion effect of the repaired box end laminated glass.

    6. Mark the damaged membrane wire.
    Insert a tapered trap as soon as a leaking filament is found. Then turn the diaphragm again in the water to see if the leaking membrane wire is blocked. Repeat this process until all damaged membrane filaments are found.

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