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Advantages of hollow fiber uf membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-01-25


    The hollow fiber uf membrane refers to the ro uf membrane which is designed in a fibrous shape and has the function of a self-supporting point. The key of hollow fiber uf membrane is to use polysulfone and dimethylacetamide as raw materials to produce and process into hollow inner wall filaments, which have the characteristics of selective permeation.

    hollow fiber uf membrane

    1. High filtration precision: 0.03μm hollow fiber uf membrane is used in this project, which can remove floating particulate residues above 0.03μm in water, especially the sludge load of bacteria in wastewater recycling technology can reach 99.99%, Escherichia coli sludge load up to 100%.
    2. High packing density: Among the membrane elements per unit volume, the total area of the high-efficiency membrane of the hollow fiber uf membrane is larger, and the separation effect is the largest, which greatly reduces the total area of the membrane filtration equipment, saves the cost of civil construction, and reduces the project investment and cost. operating costs.

    3. Low filtration pressure: The membrane filtration equipment separated by hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is selected, and the working pressure is very low. Usually the working pressure is 0.05~0.08Mpa, which reduces energy consumption, project investment and operating costs.

    4. Easy to clean: Since the structure of the hollow fiber uf membrane is a single skin layer, it can perform back cleaning and organic chemical cleaning.
    Among the membrane cleaning methods, backwashing is undoubtedly the best membrane cleaning method. Choosing this cleaning method can achieve better actual cleaning effect and maximize the repair of membrane characteristics, thereby prolonging the service life of the membrane, reducing the labor efficiency of the actual operation, and reducing the operating cost.

    5. Maintainable: The hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane element is composed of thousands or tens of thousands of hollow fibers. Once some filaments are damaged, they can be detected according to certain methods, and the membrane elements can be inspected and repaired. The repaired membrane element can be reused without any influence on the separation effect.

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