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What are the characteristics of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane?

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-02-08

    1. Strong anti-oxidation: maintain 2-3ppm free chlorine in the ro uf membrane for a long time, prevent the growth and development of bacteria in the system, eliminate the bacteria existing in the system, and ensure the smooth operation of the system.

    2. Pollution resistance: The pollution resistance of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane made of PVDF is significantly higher than that of the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane made of other raw materials, because of its larger filtration flux and smaller performance loss time, The cleaning frequency is reduced, the cleaning cost is reduced, and the service life of the ro uf membrane is increased.

    hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane

    3. Easy to clean: Because the hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane made of PVDF has excellent environmental pollution performance, the chemical fiber wall is membrane separation, and there is no additional support point raw material, which can be reverse-cleaned. Among membrane cleaning methods, backwashing is undoubtedly the best membrane cleaning method. Choosing this cleaning method can achieve better cleaning effect, maximize the repair of membrane performance, increase the service life of the membrane, and reduce the labor intensity of actual operation. Reduce operating costs.

    4. Good chemical stability: PVDF has excellent chemical reliability and can withstand strong acid and alkali working ability. Therefore, organic chemical cleaning with high compressive strength can be performed on the uf membrane module if necessary.

    ro uf membrane

    5. High packing density: Among the uf membrane module per unit volume, the membrane area is large, and the filtration and separation effect is the highest, which greatly reduces the equipment footprint, saves civil construction costs, reduces project investment, and reduces operating costs.
    6. Low filtration working pressure: The continuous membrane filtration equipment with hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is selected, and the operating working pressure is very low, usually 0.05-0.2Mpa, which reduces energy consumption, project investment and operating costs.

    7. Maintainable: Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane is assembled from numerous hollow fiber membrane filaments. Once the filaments are damaged, they can be detected and maintained according to certain methods. Once repaired it can be reapplied, but it has no effect on the effect of separation.

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