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Uf membrane module cleaning problem

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-02-09

As we all know, uf membrane module is a high-precision filtration consumable, which is mainly used in water treatment. During operation, the residue in the water will be blocked and cannot be discharged normally. Therefore, one must clean the uf membrane module within a certain period of time.

uf membrane module

1. The uf membrane module needs to be cleaned.

①. Under the condition that nothing has changed in the incoming water, the water production rate of the ro uf membrane is reduced by more than 20%.
②. When the main parameters of ultrafiltration systems water treatment operation are not changed, the pressure difference of the high pressure vessel exceeds the default value by 15%.
③. After the operation data is normalized, the salt transmittance is increased by more than 10% compared with the default value.
④. When ultrafiltration systems water treatment runs normally, TMP rises to 0.1Mpa.
⑤. Environmental pollution or blockage occurs inside the membrane element.
⑥. The main parameters such as water seepage, working pressure and temperature remain unchanged, and the water production volume is reduced by 10~15%.
⑦. The new ro uf membrane is usually soaked in maintenance solution before use, and must be cleaned before delivery.

⑧. After application, it must be cleaned before long-term storage to avoid environmental pollution of membrane elements caused by residues during storage.

2. How to clean the uf membrane module?

①. First, clean all uf membrane module with clean water (which can intercept macromolecular substances and proteins in the middle of μm), and select the higher temperature that the membrane elements can withstand.
②. Select a suitable cleaning agent for cyclic cleaning: the cleaning agent may contain complexing agents such as EDTA or sodium hexametaphosphate.
③. Rinse with clean water to remove cleaning agent.
④. In the case of specifications, check the water permeability of the membrane. If the estimated value cannot be reached, repeat the second and third steps to clean the whole process.

⑤. Soak and disinfect with formaldehyde solution (referring to kill microorganisms, but not necessarily kill bacterial spores) and store.

ro uf membrane

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