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Uf Membrane Module Workflow and Maintenance

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-02-09

1. Workflow of uf membrane module.

①. Solute pretreatment. Before microfiltration of the solute, ensure that the ambient temperature of the solute is below 35 degrees and the temperature should not be higher than 45 degrees during operation. The pH value of the solute should be adjusted in the range of 2-13, and 10-50μm should be selected for filtration.

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②. The solute is put into the barrel after pretreatment.

③. Solute microfiltration operation Actual operation: close the ro uf membrane exhaust valve and inlet pump, and open two-thirds of the oil valve size at the same time. The valve of the permeate to the material tank is fully opened to allow the solute to pass through, and then the gate valve is closed. At this time, the centrifugal pump must be turned on, and the microfiltration inlet pump must be turned on slowly, and the working pressure should be controlled at around 0.1MPa. After the oil valve is open for one to five minutes, slowly close the inlet pump and finally the centrifugal pump.

④. After the mechanical equipment has been microfiltered, it must be cleaned with pure water and maintained with pure water. This process can be omitted if the solute is water.

2. How to maintain the uf membrane module?

①. Uf membrane module should be cleaned on time.
We all know that water filter cartridge needs to be cleaned, and so does ro uf membrane. Otherwise, the performance index and service life will be endangered. Regular cleaning can also keep the ultrafiltration membrane with good permeability. Different uf membrane module choose different ways, such as different parts can be used for cleaning, hollow chemical fiber parts can be used for reverse cleaning, disinfection and other solutions.
②. Store in maintenance solution after application.

Ultrafiltration membrane equipment should be stored in maintenance solution after use. The significance of this is mainly to avoid shrinkage of the membrane after dehydration, destroy the membrane structure engineering, and reduce the water flow. Storage can generally be divided into short-term storage and long-term storage. Short-term storage is generally suspended for less than 10 days, and should be disinfected. The drug after cleaning is generally 15ppm (ml/L) HY-240 pesticide fungicide, and then close the water valve and drain. Valves and regulating valves to maintain the sealing performance and sterilization effect; long-term storage is generally disabled for more than 10 days, disinfection and backwashing are required, and then HY-310 maintenance solution is introduced into the ultrafiltration membrane for sealed storage.

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