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The advantages and application scope of uf membrane 4040

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-02-10

First, the application range of uf membrane 4040.

As a reverse osmosis pretreatment and its terminal treatment in ultrapure water systems, ultrafiltration systems water treatment can be used to separate bacteria, pyrogens, colloidal solutions, floating residues and biomacromolecular organic compounds. Purification of pure water, concentration of pharmaceutical industry production, cleaning and recycling of chemical waste water and daily waste water.

uf membrane 4040

Second, the advantages of uf membrane 4040.

1. Uf membrane 4040 has low energy consumption and short production cycle. Compared with the traditional process, the normal operation cost of the uf membrane module is lower, which can effectively reduce the production cost and develop the economic benefits of the company.
2. There is no phase change in the application and solution process, and there is no adverse effect on the constituent components in the object. The purification process has been kept at room temperature, which is especially suitable for solving heat-sensitive chemicals, completely avoiding the disadvantage of high temperature destroying biologically active chemicals, effectively storing Bioactive chemicals and nutrients in raw material systems.
3. The safety of the water can remove various harmful residues in the water; it has a good effect on the water supply; the drainage tastes good; it can reduce the water hardness, and the boiling water utensils do not scale;
4. The uf membrane module has excellent technology, high integration level, compact structure, small footprint, low labor efficiency, and simple operation and maintenance.
5. The raw material of uf membrane 4040 is made of environmental sanitation stainless steel plate, which conforms to GMP or FDA production specifications. It operates in a fully enclosed pipeline and is cleaned daily on site.

6. The uf membrane 4040 operation application system can carry out humanized design according to the detailed application standards of each customer, integrate the world's excellent and advanced control software, collect key processing actual operating parameters on site, avoid manual operation errors, and ensure long-term stable operation of the system.

ultrafiltration systems water treatment

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