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Maintenance and management of ultrafiltration water filter

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-03-03

Introduction: With the development of uf filter membrane and the occurrence of ultrafiltration water filter, the industrial production and application of uf system water treatment  has brought convenience to the operation of the factory to a certain extent. At present, ultrafiltration technology has been widely used in China's chemical wastewater treatment industry, such as power engineering, steel and other factories. In addition, there will be some problems in the whole process of the operation of the mechanical equipment, so how to maintain and manage the ultrafiltration equipment?

ultrafiltration water filter

1. Daily maintenance of ultrafiltration water filter

The removal of the ultrafiltration system must be regularly checked and tracked on a daily basis. If abnormal phenomena are found, effective countermeasures should be taken immediately, and daily records should be kept as far as possible. During this period, if it is found that the throughput has decreased, or the throughput has decreased by 30%, special attention should be paid at this time. In this case, tissue removal countermeasures are usually employed.

Therefore, cleaning is a must for maintenance of ultrafiltration water filter. During the whole working process of mechanical equipment, the surface often absorbs a large number of microbial strains, fine particles and other residues. At this time, cleaning work can not only clean the equipment, but also prolong the mechanical service life of the equipment. When the mechanical equipment is running, reverse hydropower can be selected for back cleaning on time to remove the residue absorbed or intercepted on the surface of the ultrafiltration membrane 2 during operation, and the operating time and cleaning time of the system software can be effectively adjusted according to the water seepage situation.

2. Management of ultrafiltration water filter

During the maintenance work of the equipment during holidays, during short-term holidays, it is necessary to ensure that the mechanical equipment operates 24 hours a day, and properly manage the flow. During long-term holidays, the varnish in the membrane tube must be squeezed with ultrafiltration liquid, and all ultrafiltration membrane groups must be cleaned with ultrafiltration liquid. The cleaning time is controlled at about 12 hours. When the ultrafiltration system stops running, the ultrafiltration membrane should be cleaned immediately. group, and carry out the ultrafiltrate exhaust valve to ensure the wetting of the membrane surface.

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