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Application areas of uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-03-14

Uf filter membrane is a microporous plate filter membrane with the same diameter, specification and model, and the rated diameter range is below 0.01μm. If a proper working pressure is applied on one side of the membrane, the molecular structure of the substance with a concentration lower than the diameter can be screened out, and the particles with a relative molecular mass exceeding 500 Daltons and a particle size exceeding 10 nanometers can be separated.

uf filter membrane

1. Drinking water solutions.

Sewage and water treatment companies are putting more and more effort into manipulating bacterial populations in water distribution networks due to increasingly stringent requirements for drinking water quality. One way to do this better is to do expensive water testing, or to put natural barriers in the power supply terminal to keep bacteria out.

By choosing uf filter membrane, such a natural barrier can be easily accomplished. The removal rate of bacteria can reach 6log, and the removal rate of viruses can reach 4log. Water plants and water plants do not need to worry about germs.

2. Solve the problem of surface water.

Uf filter membrane is widely used in surface water solutions, the water after solution is used for watering or as RO reverse osmosis water to make industrial water.

3. Seawater desalination.

The Middle East is the region with the most obvious water shortage. In order to better solve this problem thoroughly, we usually choose steam distillation technology at the beginning. Membrane separation technology was used in the 1860s to deal with the country's water shortage. However, many reverse osmosis desalination plants have encountered serious membrane fouling problems. The key is that the traditional pretreatment method of water ultrafiltration system cannot give reliable water bodies. As a result, most plants and even some plants have less than 30% of the originally formulated water flow, with far less water flow than they were designed for.

uf membrane filter are used in a wide range of applications, some are used in small and medium-sized new projects, but some are large-scale and closely related to our lives.

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