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How to store uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-03-14

In order to make the uf filter membrane run smoothly and have a long service life, proper maintenance is required. For the unused membrane, it is generally infiltrated into the maintenance solution for sealed storage to avoid the shrinkage of the wet membrane after drying, the shrinkage of the membrane pores, the damage to the membrane structure engineering, and the reduction of the water diffusion coefficient. So please don't let it get out of the repair fluid before using it.

uf filter membrane

1. Short-term storage of uf filter membrane

When the hollow fiber uf membrane is suspended for use (less than 10 days), the uf membrane module should be sterilized and backwashed. After adding 15ppm (ml/L) of HY-240 pesticide fungicide to the backwash water, close the water valve of the membrane and discharge Valves and regulating valves to maintain the sealing and bactericidal effect of the membrane.

uf membrane module

2. Long-term storage of uf filter membrane

If the hollow fiber uf membrane is out of use for a long time (more than 10 days), the uf membrane module is first sterilized and backwashed, and then HY-310 maintenance fluid is introduced into the membrane for sealed storage (RO water is good).
Its structure can be divided into symmetric and asymmetric encryption. The former is anisotropic, has no skin layer, and has the same porosity in all directions, which is a deep-level concern; the latter is a high-density surface layer, the bottom layer dominated by finger-shaped structures, with a surface thickness of 0.1 μm or less, microscopic The orifice plates are neatly arranged, and the bottom layer has a thickness of 200-250 μm, which belongs to surface filtration.
Uf filter membrane used in industrial production is generally asymmetric encryption membrane, the main raw materials include methyl cellulose and compounds, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polysulfonate, polythioxime, acrylic resin, polyether ketone, ammonia Depolymerized ether, cross-linked acrylic emulsion, modified acrylic polymer, etc.

The above is the detailed introduction of the storage method of uf filter membrane. During the process of use, attention should be paid to daily maintenance, cleaning and storage, which can ensure that the function of the membrane is in the best state.

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