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Cleaning and storage of uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-03-31

As we all know, the service life of uf filter membrane is generally 3 years, but the service life may vary according to different water bodies in different regions. In addition to flushing, backwashing, and organic chemical cleaning on time, you only need to maintain a low pressure, improve external filtration and seepage water, and the service life will be greatly extended.

uf filter membrane

1. Uf filter membrane should be cleaned regularly.

As we all know, the filter element of the water purifier needs to be cleaned, and so is the uf filter cartridge. Otherwise, it will endanger its process performance and service life, and it can maintain excellent permeability even if it is cleaned on time. Clean, and then use different organic chemical Chinese medicine preparations to clean according to the situation.

Naturally, different membrane elements can choose different cleaning methods. For example, the tube components can be cleaned with sponge, and the hollow fiber modules can be cleaned by backwashing. The food membrane also needs to be sterilized.

2. Physical cleaning method of uf filter membrane

The cleaning of uf filter membrane is actually not difficult, and the physical cleaning is very simple. For general membrane pores, which are not particularly small, it can be immediately disassembled for scrubbing and flushing with soft chemicals; appropriate sponge balls can be selected according to how many membrane tubes pass through. , scrub and rinse with professional equipment, and this method can be used multiple times; cleaning the ultrafiltration membrane with boiling water at 30-40 ° C can remove some thick substances or hot-melt residues.

3. Storage of uf filter membrane

The uf membrane module should be stored in the maintenance solution after use. The significance of this is mainly to avoid folding of the uf membrane module after drying, destroying the membrane structure engineering and reducing the transparency.
Generally divided into short-term storage and long-term storage, short-term storage is generally after the film is suspended for use, generally less than 10 days, and should be sterilized and sterilized once. After cleaning, the drug is generally 15ppm (ml/L) of HY-240 fungicide, and then close the water valve, drain valve and regulating valve to maintain the sealing performance and sterilization effect of the membrane;

Long-term storage is generally stopped for more than 10 days, sterilization and backwashing are required, and then HY-310 maintenance solution is introduced for sealed storage.

uf membrane module

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