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Common problems in the operation of uf filter membrane

Author:Huamo Water treatment materials FROM:Water filter membrane manufacturer TIME:2022-04-01

It is well known that the uf filter membrane can remove biological macromolecules, colloidal solutions, proteins, particles, etc. in an aqueous solution. It has the characteristics of low application burden, high water production rate and easy control. The actual effect of the uf filter membrane on the deep purification treatment of the wine in the experiment proves that the ultrafiltration filter water purification equipment can effectively remove the secondary pollution of the water in the pipe network and further improve the water body.

uf filter membrane

1. Problems in the operation of uf filter membrane

(1) Because only a simple sand filtration process is used, the effluent is not sterilized and the bacteria content exceeds the standard.
(2) The amount of water used for backwashing is large, which increases the cost of wine production to a certain extent.
(3) With the extension of the running time, the metal barrels have obvious corrosion, and the iron and bacteria content in the effluent are seriously exceeding the standard. The sand filter tank not only has no cleaning effect, but also becomes a pollutant.

(4) The diameter of the metal material sand filter tank is large, the net is heavy, and the area is large, which is not conducive to maintenance.


2.The application of uf filter membrane

This experiment is to apply the small and medium-sized uf filter membrane to the small wine production line. According to the processing characteristics of the inspection, the uf filter membrane is selected to deeply purify the source water of wine making, which can effectively reduce the concentration of various pollutants in the water and remove the pipe network. The resulting secondary pollution fully meets the requirements of high-quality source water for the wine-making process.
The purification equipment process consists of secondary filtration. The purpose of primary filtration is to remove large particles of suspended solids, meet the requirements of activated carbon filtration for water seepage, maintain uf membrane module, and prolong the service life; the purpose of secondary filtration is to remove macromolecular substances and bacteria that cannot be removed by general filtration devices.

At the same time, ultrafiltration filter has the advantages of small footprint, saving human resources, saving energy, and being convenient to use, compared with raw waste machinery and equipment.

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